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A Crossroads of Culture

L7 Chicago represents a new chapter in the history of an iconic brand and a legendary city. Ours is the story of two cultures coming together around a shared sense of community and gracious hospitality for a new generation of curious travelers.

Chicago Rising

In the early 20th century, Chicago became a cultural juggernaut in its own right, attracting a new and diverse population, including the city’s first Korean residents. During this period, the first Korean owned business in Chicago, the Diversey Cafeteria, was founded. In 1912, D.B. Fisk built a new, modern marvel skyscraper at 225 N Wabash, which is now the L7 Chicago.

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Historically Hospitable

Famous throughout the world, Korean hospitality is renowned for its reputation of warmth and graciousness. Dating back centuries, this tradition of decorum reflects profound ideals of pride and respect, evoking the experience of a cherished guest in one’s personal home.

a woman sitting on a bed with a book over her face
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A Land of Opportunity

In America, the 19th century saw a unity between its two coasts like never before. Railroads crisscrossed the nation, and where the lines from the East met those headed West, Chicago grew. Seizing the opportunity, American-born D.B. Fisk opens the city’s first millinery, where the “FiskHat” quickly becomes the arbiter of style to the city’s fashionable elite.

a man in a suit using a laptop
a city with tall buildings and a body of water
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The Birth of Lotte

In 1948, Korean-born businessman Shin Kyuk-ho founded Lotte Co. in Japan, producing and selling chewing gum. He later expanded Lotte back to his motherland of South Korea in 1967, where its headquarters stands today. What began as a single confectionery quickly grew to become a global brand operating in industries from manufacturing to food and hospitality around the globe.

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Our Kind of Town

Today, L7 invites travelers and trailblazers to experience Chicago as a place of opportunity and curiosity. To explore the many neighborhoods and cultures that have grown here, and celebrate the indelible imprint they have left on our beloved city.

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L7 Begins

By 2016, Lotte Hotels had become a dominant player in luxury hospitality and sought new opportunities in fresh markets, opening the first L7 in Seoul’s popular Myeongdong neighborhood, introducing travelers to a new brand of lifestyle-centric travel.

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East Meets Midwest

Turning its gaze toward North America, Lotte chooses Chicago as the site to launch the L7 brand, inviting guests to experience the distinct local flavor of this unique location while embodying the same exceptional standards of Korean hospitality and gracious service.